Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The descent of man

People who get all het up about Amazon, what are they going on about? You buy the crap you want where it's most convenient and cheapest. Hell, everybody knows that. Look, here in America, people vote with their dollars -- and Amazon is the winner, hands down. There isn't a bricks-and-mortar retailer out there who can touch it. It's an effin machine. It serves up merchandise for your consumption when you want, where you want. What more do you want? A social conscience?

I don't understand it. You've got these pathetic whiners out there who envy Bezos cause he's smarter than them. He's living out the American Dream and they'd be doing the same thing if they had the brains and the will. Why do these weaklings want to bring him down? He's made his company indispensable -- let them try doing that. So what if he's a egotistical micromanager? So was Jobs. And they loved Jobs. So are most of the titans who really accomplish something in their allotted time on this planet. Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Ford, Walton. You think they were pussycats? They were effin gladiators.

The rest of us just sit on the sidelines, eating and shitting. Resentful, envious. Amusing ourselves by chucking our feces against the CEO's fences.

So what if he doesn't pay taxes? Do any of us like paying taxes? Why? So we can fly drones over the desert and bomb the living shite out of tribal primitivos? So we can pay the salaries of legislators and bureaucrats who sit around in DC knitting legal straitjackets to restrain ordinary citizens? You think your taxes are hard at work for you? Dream on bud.

Most pitiful of all are those idlers who rail out against capitalism itself while eating the fruit that falls from its tree. Those who flaunt their imagined victimhood at the hands of the system and shake their fists at the notion of creative destruction. Where have they been these last fifty years? Didn't they see the wall come down in 1989? Haven't they seen the rise of Silicon Valley? You can't stop history. You can’t thwart innovation. What's good for the species isn't always good for the individual. So what? You think the way we live is based on ideology? Think again, cousin. It's all biological. He not busy being born is busy dying. Isn't that what the poet sang?

This Bezos has done altered the structure of American retail. If you don't like it buy your goods somewhere else.

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