Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the beginning was the word

I believe that love speaks life into being. Heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible. Begotten, not made. By love. All creatures great and small. All things bright and beautiful. Even though it may not look it I believe it.

Being of one substance with the light of light. Love before all worlds. Begotten, not made. Being of one substance incarnate. Very light of very light for our salvation came down from heaven. Came down like a figure descending the stairs. Love worshipped and glorified and begotten, not made. Conceived and spoken.

The prophets spake. All things suffered. Were crucified. Were buried. All things who proceedeth from the word rose again. Great and small. Bright and beautiful. They ascended. The quick and the dead were looked for and acknowledged. But they were not judged, nor will they judge another.

I believe that love outrunneth death to rise again. Whose kingdom shall have no end. According to the word shall come again. Begotten, not made. The giver of life sitteth on the right hand of the life of the world to come. Begotten, not made. I believe love proceedeth from the word spoken by all creatures great and small. For the remission of sins, for the resurrection of the dead.

I believe that love speaks life into being. There is one baptism. One communion. Begotten, not made. Anyone valorous and true can speak it.

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