Friday, April 9, 2010

Written in 1987

"As one gets on in years, the need for distraction declines. I am grateful for kindly, uneventful days and not too sleepless nights. My Fårö screening-room gives me untold pleasure. Through the friendly accommodation of the Film Institute's Cinematheque, I can borrow from their inexhaustible store of old films. My chair is comfortable, the room cosy, it grows dark and the first trembling picture is outlined on the white wall. It is quiet, the projector humming faintly in the well-insulated projection room. The shadows move, turning their faces towards me, urging me to pay attention to their destinies.
Sixty years have gone by but the excitement is still the same." --
Ingmar Bergman, in his extraordinarily visual autobiography The Magic Lantern, translated by Joan Tate.

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