Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Tonight, I leave for a two week trip to France, to be spent largely in the Languedoc and Pays Cathar. There will be no new blog posts until Thursday, September 10th, when I return to the States. I may tweet a bit while I'm over there, depending on proximity to wi-fi networks, but I vow to stay as unconnected as possible.

I am grateful to all who read these entries from time to time -- the fact that you do has encouraged me to continue my 'five finger exercises' on behalf of books and their accompanying culture, the natural world, and the so-called examined life. What began as a post-layoff therapy of sorts has grown into my principal way of apprehending the world. To write is to think, and dream, and converse, apparently alone, but always, in actuality, as a member of a supportive community.

Please take special care, for these are weird times, and summer's end can occasionally bring with it some unfortunate surprises as well as the year's loveliest weather. Now I need a little time outside this particular corner of the terrarium.


  1. Be safe, have fun, and don't let those French poots be too arrogant!

  2. Paris! I wish I was going. But what was that ominous warning about summer's end bringing unfortunate surprises? I felt like I was reading a novel for a moment there.

  3. i think it was something about the full moons, mercury retrograding and such
    but wonderful persons were born in times like these! (ahem)
    so all is and will be well with the world--can't wait to see you when you return, and hear all about the wonderfulness that the "outside" world had for you, has for us all