Saturday, June 13, 2009

Written in the late 1990s

"To remember, to retain and to preserve, Pierre Bertaux wrote of the mutation of mankind even thirty years ago, was vitally important only when population density was low, we manufactured few items, and nothing but space was present in abundance. You could not do without anyone then, even after death. In the urban societies of the late twentieth century, on the other hand, where everyone is instantly replaceable and is really superfluous from birth, we have to keep throwing ballast overboard, forgetting everything that we might otherwise remember: youth, childhood, our origins, our forbears and ancestors."--
W. G. Sebald, in the posthumous collection
Campo Santo (translated by Anthea Bell)

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  1. I have been reading your posts for a few days now. I like what you have to say. I hope you go on posting for a good long time. I am also a blogger, a bookseller at an Indie, but most of all a reader of books. I wish you well.