Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Number One on Amazon this morning

Dr. Wayne Dyer has written more than 30 life-changing books. I read them all. Each one changed my life. And these are hardcover books I'm talking about, not cheap paperbacks. They cost me good money. But they're worth it. Dr. Dyer's prose is so clear -- I like the way he wraps his clich├ęs in platitudes. Like a Twinkie wrapped in two pieces of white bread. Umm.

I like the unique way he uses anecdotes to tell stories. He does it even better than Dr. Phil. And I like the way he peppers his text with quotations from Famous People. Every one of them is a life-changing quote. Sometimes I cut them out and glue them to the rear-view mirror in my ES330 so I can read them while I'm driving. They help me get where I'm going. I like his use of italics, it really helps me understand what he's emphasizing. When someone writes prose the way he does, you really need help if you want to know what's supposed to be emphasized. Dr. Dyer is very considerate to his readers that way.

I've seen him on those public TV fund-raisers. Can't understand a word he says. That's why the books are so important -- to fill in the holes. If you want to change your life, first you drill a hole, then you fill it. I've tried it more than 30 times and it works. Just look at my yard, just look at me.

I think this new book is his best one yet. It's just so direct, it's like he's speaking directly to me. It's all about love and responsibility, isn't it? Such a great message. Don't blame your parents or your genes. Hello -- that's a life-changer right there. Don't blame God or those formless energy patterns that fill your belief system which feeds your self-image. No no no.

Just blame yourself. It'll change your life.

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