Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eleven reasons I won't be buying a Kindle

1. I like to retain what I've read, if it's any good. When the Kindle screen goes blank, so does my mind.
2. I like to know 'where' I am in a book. On a Kindle I am nowhere.
3. I have no need to carry a library around with me, even if it only weighs 10.2 ounces. I have a library at home and a bigger one nearby.
4. I like delayed gratification. How many books do I need to buy in one minute?
5. I don't need another appliance in my house or my bag. I already have enough to hold a yard sale.
6. The screen is not as easy to read as ink on paper. Even mass market paper.
7. What happens to the lithium battery and plastic case when the thing dies? Don't you love techno-trash?
8. I like to share books with friends even if they don't return them. With the Kindle all I can share is the germs my fingers leave behind on the case.
9. The very word "kindle" is
so un-cool. Maybe that's why the thing is such a hit with seniors.
10. I think Amazon is getting too big for its britches.
11. I used to work in publishing but now I'm out of a job and don't have the money.


  1. Damn, and I was about to send you a free one. Oh well...
    Can't say I disagree on several points.
    Steve K

  2. sometimes getting a free one is the only way to make a convert...

    bill's wife