Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The light bulb goes off

We need middle class workers to be spending if we're gonna jump start this economy. We need Bob Marley salad dressing to go with the dope we smoke. We need to publicly humiliate Bernie Madoff -- put him in stocks so passersby can lob human shite at him. We need to adopt a new lifestyle. We need Bob Marley snowboards. We need to shut the radio off and throw the TV out the window. We need sunshine. Everyone needs to move to Nevada and suck all the water out of the ground. We need Bob Marley spice rub.

We need to bury our nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Set up an effin altar. Sacrifice some hoofed animals. Dance out in the Desert ecstatically, then crucify the Burning Man upside down. Get the techno-savants to dance on the head of a pin. Everybody point their cells toward heaven and pray for rain.

You can get to Nevada cheap, the fares are low. The hotels all got deals. The celebrity chefs have flown in food, the wheels have all been greased, the kids have done cleaned the pools. You can smell the chlorine up and down the strip. Everybody's waiting for us to come, the maids, the croupiers, the lounge singers, the poor people who wash the toilets. Come and bury your dreams in Nevada, poot, before it all dries up.

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